Campus Programs

The academic programs we offer at PTI are in fields in which there's great demand for new graduates. In fact, we adjust our program offerings as the markets change. The curriculum in each of our programs is designed and reviewed by our industry advisory boards to ensure you're learning skills that today's employers look for.

Learn more about our career-focused programs:

American Academy of Culinary Arts

  • Culinary Arts – Associate Degree

    The American Academy of Culinary Arts Associate degree in Culinary Arts is a comprehensive program of culinary fundamentals combined with key elements in hospitality management and general education that is designed to prepare you for an exciting career in the culinary or hospitality industry. You will receive hands-on instruction from renowned chefs in our gleaming new facilities. You will be challenged to learn and master everything from knife skills and the fine art of sauce making to how to match wines to complement certain foods. At AACA, you'll be taught the skills required to become a Great American Chef. At AACA, you will also receive additional hands-on experience during an in-field internship, a cooperative effort between the Academy and the professional community.

  • Culinary Arts – Certificate

    If you have a passion for cooking, the PTI Culinary Arts program can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in a professional kitchen. You will train in PTI's new Culinary Center using the latest in equipment and learn from recognized chefs. The program focuses on healthy cuisine and nutrition, classical cuisine and intercontinental cuisine instruction. You will benefit from an internship program so that you can practice first-hand the key aspects of your craft.

School of Business

  • Business Administration – Accounting – Associate Degree

    Our Business Administration – Accounting program can prepare you for positions with accounting departments, auditing agencies, financial and investment firms, government agencies, and tax preparation companies. Courses in this program include Accounting Information Systems, Economics, Federal Taxes and Intermediate Accounting.

  • Business Administration – Management – Associate Degree

    Prepare for management and leadership roles within a variety of business settings with our Business Administration – Management program. You will take courses in Business Law, E-Commerce & Internet Sales, Human Resource Management, and Small Business Management.

  • Business Administration – Marketing – Associate Degree

    Interested in consumer trends, consumer demand and consumer products? Earn your Business Administration – Marketing degree with us. Courses in this program include Advertising and Promotions, Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing, and Professional Selling.

School of Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice – Associate Degree

    Prepare for a career in criminal justice through crime scene simulations and hands-on learning experiences with our Criminal Justice – Associate degree program. Courses in this program include Criminology and Criminal Justice, Criminal Investigations, Homeland Security, Juvenile Justice and Modern Corrections Issues. Admission to this program requires a background check.

School of Design

  • Computer Aided Drafting – Architectural Drafting – Associate Degree

    Prepare for positions in the drafting field with our Computer Aided Drafting – Architectural Drafting program. Courses in this concentration include Building Systems, Architectural Drafting, Structural Drafting, Commercial Wiring Systems and Architectural Application Software.

  • Computer Aided Drafting – Mechanical Drafting – Associate Degree

    Our Computer Aided Drafting – Mechanical Drafting program prepares you in mechanical, building systems and structural drafting disciplines. With our Mechanical Drafting concentration, your courses include Mechanical Drafting, Design and Manufacturing Processes, Building Systems, and Structural Drafting.

  • Graphic Design – Associate Degree

    Learn to develop critical and creative thinking processes for computer-generated art with tools, media and techniques in graphic design. You can be prepared for opportunities with advertising agencies, commercial art and reproduction firms, publishing companies, and manufacturing firms.

  • Video Production – Associate Degree

    Learn to use sound, imagery, cameras, lighting, graphics, and video on sets and in postproduction to create entertaining and informational stories. This degree program can prepare you to work in advertising, broadcast media, design studios and many more creative settings.

  • Web Design & Development – Associate Degree

    This Web Design & Development degree program combines design skills with technology to prepare you to create the visuals and architecture of websites. Learn to use code, animation, sound and imagery to develop an engaging and interesting experience for the user.

School of Energy and Electronics Technology

  • Electronics Engineering Technology – Associate Degree

    Train in basic electronic and electricity theory and applications with our Electronics Engineering Technology program. You can gain hands-on experience in the construction, testing, and troubleshooting of electronic circuits and systems using lab bench testing equipment and hand tools.

  • Oil and Gas Electronics – Associate Degree

    Start a career in the surging Oil and Gas industry with PTI's Electronics Engineering Technology degree with a concentration in Oil and Gas Electronics. You can learn the comprehensive technical skills critical to natural gas and oil companies. With this focused degree, PTI Graduates can be prepared to meet the increasing demand for industrial and commercial automation technicians created by the exponential growth of oil and gas exploration.

  • Smart Building Technology – Associate Degree

    Learn to use your skills with computers, electronics and design to wire new construction or retrofit existing structures with the latest in smart technology. In this program, you will take courses in Audio and Video Systems, Energy Management and Lighting Controls, Green Technology, and Structured Wiring. This program requires a background check for admission.

School of Healthcare

  • Medical Assisting – Associate Degree

    Train to work directly with patients and perform both clinical and administrative tasks in healthcare settings. Our Medical Assisting program prepares you with the skills to check vital signs, draw blood, give injections, administer EKGs, schedule appointments, coordinate lab tests and sterilize equipment.

  • Medical Coding – Certificate

    Learn to transform written descriptions of diseases, injuries, procedures and services into code with our Medical Coding certificate program. This yearlong program can prepare you for entry-level positions in hospitals, physicians’ offices and other medical settings.

  • Medical Office – Associate Degree

    Train to keep physicians’ offices and hospitals running smoothly with our Medical Office Administration program. You can learn to process medical paperwork and health insurance forms, manage office tasks, and work with patients. Courses include Medical Law and Ethics, Reimbursement Methods and Regulatory Guides, Transcription, and Insurance Billing and Collections.

  • Patient Care Technician – Certificate

    Prepare to provide direct patient care in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, nursing homes, health agencies and rehabilitation centers with our Patient Care Technician certificate program. You can take courses such as Assisting with Physical Needs, Patient Care Skills and Assisting with Clinical Situations. Admission to this program requires a background check.

  • Surgical Technology – Associate Degree

    Our Surgical Technology program can prepare you for entry-level positions in a variety of healthcare settings. You will gain a solid foundation in the field of surgical technology that can prepare you to sit for the Certified Surgical Technologist exam. Admission to our Surgical Technology program requires a background check.

  • Therapeutic Massage – Certificate

    Train in muscular relaxation, stress reduction, pain management, injury recovery and health promotion with our Therapeutic Massage certificate program. You can be prepared to sit for the National Certification exam or Massage and Bodywork licensure exam, and to pursue opportunities in spas, nursing home facilities, rehab centers, hospitals or fitness centers. Admission to this program requires a background check.

School of Hospitality

  • Hospitality – Hotel and Casino Management – Associate Degree

    Our Hospitality – Hotel and Casino Management program can prepare you for opportunities in casino and gaming facilities, convention service management, and front desk management. You can study topics in Resort Management, Hotel and Casino Security, and Rooms and Facilities Management.

  • Hospitality – Restaurant Management – Associate Degree

    Prepare to work in the fast-paced restaurant management field with our Hospitality – Restaurant Management degree program. Courses in this program include Club and Restaurant Management, Purchasing for Food Service Operations, Safety and Sanitation Procedures, and Wines and Mixology.

  • Hospitality – Travel and Tourism Management – Associate Degree

    Prepare to work in settings such as airline operations, cruise lines, tour operations, visitor bureaus and travel agencies. Our Hospitality – Travel and Tourism Management program can equip you with skills in leisure travel management, international travel, corporate travel management and modes of transportation.

School of Information Technology

  • Computer Programming – Associate Degree

    Gain an in-depth study of computer programming languages and applications used in the industry today. You can develop a strong foundation in computer programming, web development, business and e-commerce, processes, and systems analysis. Prepare for entry-level positions as a computer programmer, operator or support technician.

  • Information Technology – Network Administration – Associate Degree

    Our Information Technology – Network Administration program can provide you with training in computer hardware, operating systems and systems architecture, as well as computer networking methodologies, design and administration. You can be prepared for entry-level positions in business or technical settings.

  • Information Technology – Network Security and Computer Forensics – Associate Degree

    With our Information Technology – Network Security and Computer Forensics program, you can train in information systems security, firewalls, cryptology, computer viruses, hacker protection, data recovery techniques and computer investigation techniques. Prepare for positions as a computer security specialist, network administrator or computer forensic technician.

  • A+ Service Technician – Certificate

    Our A+ Service Technician program can prepare you to sit for the CompTIA A+ certification examination. You can train in the skills needed to perform hardware-associated and software-associated tasks such as the installation, service, and support of microcomputers.

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate – Certificate

    Our Cisco Certified Network Associate program provides you with hands-on training in how to design, build, and troubleshoot the performance and security of a medium-sized network. You can also prepare to sit for the most recent CCNA certification exam.

  • Microsoft Network Professional – Certificate

    Earn your Microsoft Network Professional certificate in just a year. This program can prepare you to be a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional in Enterprise Administration.

School of Nursing

  • Nursing – Associate Degree

    Pittsburgh Technical Institute's Associate in Science degree in Nursing is a program that can help you develop the medical skills you need to advance your career in healthcare in less than two years. You can have the opportunity to learn how to effectively make a difference in the lives of the patients you care for through discussions, lectures and hands-on laboratory training. The curriculum is designed to prepare you to sit for the NCLEX-RN registered nursing exam.

  • Practical Nursing – Certificate

    Our Practical Nursing certificate program can prepare you to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. You can train to provide direct patient care, administer medication, assist patients with daily living, and work closely with RNs and physicians. Admission to our Practical Nursing program requires a background check.

School of Trades Technology

  • HVAC Technology – Certificate

    Our HVAC Technology certificate program prepares you with hands-on instruction in heating, ventilation and refrigeration utilities. You can train to install, repair and make these systems more efficient. This is an excellent program if you enjoy hands-on tasks and working in a new location each day.

  • Welding Technology – Associate

    The PTI Welding Technology program is designed to prepare you for welding opportunities in industry, commercial welding, and the growing oil and gas industry. You will have hands-on experience learning MIG, TIG, and Arc welding as well as blueprint reading and exotic metal welding. You will be prepared to sit for both the AWS Certification as well as the SENSE Plates Certification.

  • Welding Technology – Certificate

    The PTI Welding Technology program is designed to prepare you for welding opportunities in industry, commercial welding, and the growing oil and gas industry. You will have hands-on experience learning MIG, TIG, and Arc welding as well as blueprint reading and exotic metal welding. You will be prepared to sit for both the AWS Certification as well as the SENSE Plates Certification.

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