Culinary Students Host Hospitality Executives

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Culinary Students Host Hospitality Executives

PTI hosted the annual board meeting of the Pittsburgh Hotel and Restaurant Association Thursday in the dining room of the American Academy of Culinary Arts.

Sixteen senior hospitality executives experienced the skills of AACA’s students who prepared and hosted the luncheon.

"This was a good opportunity to showcase what our students can do.” Said Scott Domowicz, Chair of the PTI Hospitality Department.”  It established good connections and showcased the great quality of our students to very important people in the industry.”

The students were supervised by Chef Instructor Amanda Flesch who planned the menu and coordinated the event.

During the luncheon the board awarded several  scholarships to college students as part of their mission to promote hospitality education.

“Our AACA students did an exceptional job cooking, serving and presenting the luncheon” continued Mr. Domowicz. “Chef Flesh did a wonderful job directing her students. The attendees were very impressed with this event and our students had a valuable experience.


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PTI was recognized by its employees as one of the region´s Top Places to Work in a 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 study commissioned by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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