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Rube Goldberg Would be Proud

Rube Goldberg would be smiling this week. Rube was a great American cartoonist who created a series of popular cartoons depicting complicated gadgets that perform simple tasks in unique and convoluted ways. PTI CAD students rose to the Rube Goldberg challenge in a quest to make a unique and innovative gumball machine.
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Winter Portfolio Show Dazzles

Appreciative crowds gathered at PTI Thursday night for the Winter 2014 Portfolio show. This highly anticipated event is the showcase for graduating Design students to present their portfolios of work to the public. Over 31 graduating students participated and were judged in the categories of Graphic Design, Video/3D Design, and Web/Interactive Design.
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Start Your Engines

On December 5 a crowd of 60 PTI students met in the Energy Technology Center to battle it out. It was the famous Battle Car Competition the Mechanical Drafting class holds regularly as part of the PTI CAD program. Cars crashed. Students cheered. And in the end one battle car was left running.
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