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Rube Goldberg Would be Proud

Rube Goldberg would be smiling this week. Rube was a great American cartoonist who created a series of popular cartoons depicting complicated gadgets that perform simple tasks in unique and convoluted ways. PTI CAD students rose to the Rube Goldberg challenge in a quest to make a unique and innovative gumball machine.
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There is a first time for everything.

When the groggy yet excited group of 36 PTI School of Hospitality students gathered early one morning last fall at Pittsburgh International Airport for their direct flight to San Francisco International Airport, nearly half of them had never flown the friendly skies before.
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Helping Our Troops at a Fast Clip

Laura Allison is a magician with scissors. She carries a special pair wherever she goes along with a bag of coupons from the newspaper. She can be found between classes in Business at PTI clipping coupon after coupon, all for military families overseas. And just this year she has saved military families over $200,000 with her efforts.
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Health Fair

What are some key health topics that affect a college student body the most? That was the motivation behind PTI School of Nursing students in selecting issues to address in their Health Fair on Thursday. As students and staff walked the various stations they were given presentations on several important issues such as breast and testicular cancer, influenza and antibiotics, and binge drinking.
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The Giving Spirit of Christmas

“Santa needed some help,” said Melissa Gnoth of the PTI Student Services Department as she wrapped one of the pile of toys stacked up in front of her. Melissa was one of the 52 student and staff volunteers at PTI who participated in the annual Santa Project to help children and families in the area. 
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Sarah’s Farro Salad: The Culinary Adventure Continues

Farro is a grain that originated in the Fertile Crescent, where it has been found in the tombs of Egyptian kings and is said to have fed the Roman Legions. Italians have dined on farro for centuries. Now, with the revival of interest in whole grains, farro's popularity is gaining in the U.S. as well. You can find it in many specialty markets. Simply follow the preparation instructions on the package and cook in al dente.
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An Interest in Code Awakens

To the strains of the Star Wars – The Force Awakens theme song over 30 PTI students and staff gathered for an “Hour of Code” event in the IT lab on campus. The event was organized by programming instructor Michael Rinsem and was part of a national event that will involve over 192,598 separate locations and a target of over 50 million participants worldwide. 
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Sparks Fly at Welding Competition

The PTI Energy Technology Center hosted an American Welding Society competition Friday as over 60 student welders completed for scholarships and glory. The competition had two tiers, high school level students competed for college scholarships and college level welders completed for prizes and recognition.
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