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PTI Daughters & Sons Enjoy a Day On Campus

The halls of PTI were full of the chatter of younger students than usual Thursday as the campus celebrated Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Over 33 sons and daughters helped their parents with daily tasks, toured the campus and participated in a number of events. Vinny Zumbo got to spend the day with his Aunt, Laurie Tudor exploring photography and taking photos of the event. - My favorite part was learning how to work the camera and learning different focal points. - Vinny explained as he showed a photo he had taken during the day.  - I got to take some real photos and post them on Flickr. -
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PTI Hosts Hospitality Job Fair

Over one hundred fifty job seekers visited the PTI Gallery Friday as PTI hosted a Hospitality Job Fair sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Hotel Association. The job fair was designed to recruit prospects for the regional hotel industry with open positions from Front Desk to Management and Sales. 
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Spring Graduation: An Evening of Celebration

Soldiers and Sailors Hall was a happy place as PTI's Spring graduates walked across the stage to receive their diplomas on Tuesday. Proud parents dried a few tears and students congratulated their classmates on a rainy evening in downtown Pittsburgh.
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Upcoming Events

PTI Stereo Lab

Beginning April 29th, we will be hosting the PTI Stereo Lab workshops the last Wednesday of each month this quarter. The following dates and times have been reserved for the use of the PTI Gallery.
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Hats off to PTI graduates of all associate degree and certificate programs.
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