PTI students and alumni can obtain copies of their transcripts at any time

Transcript Request

This request form is to be filled out by students who have attended or are attending PTI.

Any other requests please contact 1.800.784.9675 ext. 5253.

For additional locations, fill out each necessary mailing address below.

Mailing Address for transcript 1

Mailing Address for transcript 2

Mailing Address for transcript 3

Mailing Address for transcript 4

Please read before submitting:

Transcripts sent to a fax number are unofficial and do not bear the raised seal. You can request your transcript by calling 1.800.784.9675 extension 5253. Please provide the same information we request on our form.

Any indebtedness to Pittsburgh Technical Institute must be satisfied before any transcript can be issued. PTI processes student and graduate transcript requests free of charge. Most transcript requests are processed within 48 hours. By submitting this form you agree that you are 17 years of age or older or have a parent's or a guardian's permission.