Freelance Support Center

 Freelance assignments and project work can be the nucleus for a successful independent multimedia or graphic design career.

PTI pooled its internal resources – the experienced web designers, videographers, illustrators, graphic artists and photographers who comprise School of Design faculty – and established the Freelance Support Center - FSC.

Many of these instructors still enjoy the creative challenges of supplemental freelance work. They understand how to price a job, present a work agreement, track hours, record expenses, and build an invoice. They also know how to network, find work, and deadline work. This support is an invaluable resource offered to PTI School of Design students and graduates.

Getting Started
When you are ready for the independence and freedom of a freelance career, or simply want to augment your current employment situation, check out the library of resources available to you through PTI's Freelance Resource Center, your gateway to advice, links, and peers.

What Should I Charge?
You probably have lots of questions, especially if you're just getting started. Schedule a consultation with a resource center advisor for help with your project.

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Additional Resources
Do you need to rent a camera? Wondering about a tax id? Want to see samples of legal documents? Check out the Freelance Resource list.

Alumni Freelance Center

Register with the Freelance Support Center to take advantage of resources for the PTI creative professional and connect with other freelancers. All fields required.