Alternative Criminal Justice Careers

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When people think of criminal justice careers, many of the standard job solutions come to mind—police officer, deputy sheriff, detective, FBI, criminal investigator, etc. What many don’t consider is the alternate criminal justice career options outside of law enforcement that are available to those pursuing a career in criminal justice.

Not all criminal justice careers require the need for peace officer standing. Some of the most professionally rewarding employment opportunities in criminal justice are available to those with an associate degree in criminal justice. With many of these criminal justice careers having some of the most promising job outlooks in the industry, a job in emergency dispatch, protective services, forensics, security, crime scene analysis or corrections could be a perfect fit to your key skills learned in a criminal justice education.

Whether you’d rather be the first in emergency contact, investigate a crime scene, help former inmates fit back into society or develop plans to keep at risk children safe from harm, the skills and attributes learned through an education in criminal justice are important to a wide range of careers and employment opportunities. Think one of the many criminal justice careers might be the right fit for your? Visit the School of Criminal Justice at PTI and take the first steps toward achieving your associate degree in criminal justice in Pittsburgh and landing one of many private and public sector criminal justice careers.


Hello my name is brandi kanouff i am still only a Junior in high school but i have become very interested in PTI I would love to get into the Criminal Justice department because you have a very hands on experience and that works best for me i learn better when i am working hands on with something that just sitting in a class room. I will definitely be applying for PTI my senior year!!! Thank you for coming to St.Marys Area HIgh School on 9/24/14. Your presentator was very enthusiastic and very friendly and he helped me lean more towards PTI for my College Education. Once again Thank You smile

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