The Carnival was back in town

Greetings children of Earth!  I wasn’t able to post a blog earlier this week about the carnival, but I’ll just talk a bit about how AWESOME it was now.

            This was my first time going to the carnival PTI holds every July.  I didn’t go last year mainly because I didn’t have any friends and didn’t feel like going by myself.  This year, however, I had my boyfriend to drag along.  My friend would have gone with me as well, but she had to work.  Moving on, I’m pretty sure everyone has had this happen to them at least once in their life: you do something you’re absolutely terrible at and end up being amazing even when you don’t even try.  Well, this exact thing happened to me when my boyfriend had me play some golf.  I didn’t have the stance right, probably wasn’t holding the putter correctly, only glanced at the hole once, and even then it was just for show, and somehow I make 2/3 holes.  Meanwhile, my boyfriend fails to get any balls in and none of the guys before me, that I saw, succeed.  But enough of me bragging about my blind luck, I want to talk a little bit about my favorite ride, the Cobra.  All the other rides never gave me that tummy twisting pleasure like the Cobra did.  Man, I thought I was flying on that thing, which is why I rode it two more times afterwards.  I was probably the most happiest on that ride, highlight of my day!  However, the number one thing that I really enjoyed about the carnival was all of the people that attended.  As soon as I got out of my car, I looked out at the crowd and saw… well, everyone.  And it made me remember how much PTI makes me feel like I’m at home.  My high school, I felt out of place; it wasn’t my niche.  Here, at PTI, I feel right at home; it’s where I belong and I’m glad I picked to go to this college.

            Alright, question time!  What is your favorite pastime?  AHA!  You thought I was going to talk about the carnival, didn’t you?  I did have fun, and I’m pretty sure you guys had fun too if you went, but that’s too cliché (I looked up a synonym on Word for cliché and it gave me chestnut.   What???).  What I would like to know is your favorite pastime.  Mine’s writing, of course, I didn’t find that out until only about two years ago.  The reason why I ask is because I was curious as to why people have pastimes and hobbies.  Obviously, the answer is to relieve stress, but I also found out that hobbies can be used to give you stress should you be lacking thereof.  It’s called eustress, it’s a positive stress that keeps you excited about life.  Isn’t that weird how things can work both ways?  So, what gives you a relief of stress or a positive stress balance?

            Thank you for your time, and have a fantastic month!


Indeed it was awesome. My boyfriend didn’t like it but I enjoyed it very much. Have a nice day!

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