That Moment…

That moment when you realize... you're an idiot.

Have you ever had that moment where you're trying to figure something out, and it just seems impossible to do, or you just can't figure out the solution?  I just experienced this the other day.  I was trying to log in to my blog account, and completely forgot my password.  I'm was sitting there typing in all of the passwords I could possibly muster up and none of them worked.  I clicked the forgot my password button and typed in my email, you know.  Clicked on the link the email gave me and it takes me back to the log in page.  I was like, "Wait a minute... I have to log in to reset my password?  How does that--I don't know my password!  That's why I wanted to reset it in the first place!  How am I supposed to type in a password I can't remember to reset said password?!  This makes no sense!"  Then I got an idea.  I went back through my emails to check the original password that was given to me.  Turns out, I never reset the original password like I thought I did...  Opps.  No wonder I couldn't remember my password--I didn't change it in the first place!  Aren't I just an idiot!  Hahaha, it was a good laugh.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go change my password.



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