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Hey everybody!  Sorry for the late blog; some family related emergencies came up and I had to make an unexpected trip towards Lancaster, PA.  My boyfriend’s grandfather is on his death bed, and my boyfriend wanted to say goodbye before he passes.

            The number one thing that comes to mind to talk about is my speech class I had just this past Friday.  The dreaded first, two minute speech we had to perform and to be honest, it wasn’t all that bad.  Standing in front of the room with a good friend of mine before class started more than likely helped out exponentially.  Not only that, but instead of reaching the minimum two minute mark, I exceeded to four minutes!  Of course, that’s a strike on the timing score of my grade, but four minutes!  Never thought I could talk that long in front of my peers.  I’m extremely proud of myself for this performance, considering I was reenacting my trip to the Ohio State Reformatory just last quarter.  I’ve always been one of those kids who hid in their shells like little turtles, but now I’m a snapping turtle!  I’m just going to be my goofy self and bite anyone who says otherwise (not really… unless you make me more angry than a red potato).

            Alright, so I know pretty much everyone hates speaking in front a large audience, but that’s why we’ve got blogs!  Instead of saying something to someone’s face, you can comment behind a computer screen with no consequences to your choice of words or actions whatsoever (Hint:  I’m being sarcastic).  No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you should always have control over what you say.

Since I practice this very idea, and try my best to improve myself with speaking entirely, what do you guys do to better your choice of words?  What helps you think before you speak?

Thank you, and have a nice quarter!

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