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Hey everyone!  The week was really slow, so sorry if this blog is a bit shorter than usual.

I was watching some Happy Tree Friends today to pass time.  Strangest, most disturbing show I’ve ever watched—I don’t even know why I keep watching it.  Anyway, there was this one episode where one of the characters was giving blood.  I have an appointment on the 17th to give whole blood, so watching this episode was not good for me.  Keep in mind, Happy Tree Friends is one of those shows where no matter what, the ending is always death—brutal and gory death.  The character’s nurse was a blind… yeah, I said blind, person!  He started stabbing the poor guy's arm and blood was squirting everywhere!  I closed my eyes after a bit; I’m giving blood tomorrow, I did not want to watch that.  Now, I’m not afraid of needles, nor am I nervous to give blood.  It’s just that the first time I gave blood, which was a couple months ago, the nurse I had couldn’t find my teeny tiny vein and had to jiggle the needle around. It didn't feel like she was stabbing me, but ahhhhhhh, it BURNED!  I’m not even sure she knew what she was doing!  I had a bruise for a couple of weeks after that!  I remember Smitty asking what happened, seeing the size of the thing plastered on the inside of my arm.  It looked like I had an argument with a beaver and lost—which would totally happen in my case.  Ugh, I just feel slow today… like those mornings when you get up, go to class, sit down and are on 24% power.  Turns out the rest of your classmates are feeling the same way and you just decide, “Screw it, I’m—I’m just gonna… use 15%...”  This would be the time when Smitty comes in and says, “I have a solution for that…”  It’s a thing we say to make each other laugh, it deals with nuclear bombs.  Don’t ask.

I honestly don’t have a specific question for you guys… Um… here how about this.  No questions at all.  If you guys would like to comment, feel free to; if you have something that relates to what I was talking about up above, feel free to say whatever it is.

Thank you for reading…

You know, I just realized this blog wasn’t short at all… XD

Have a great—wait, what was my last… Ah yes, have a great generation!  XD

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