Only A Year Ago…

What’s up everyone!  Hope everybody is settling in—or re-settling in—A-okay!  I, for one, am having no problems what so ever mainly because… well, I never left.

                It’s funny, I was out of my apartment room—for once—going down to get my mail when I walked past the new people coming in.  They had their family and their luggage, and they were walking around, talking, moving in, trying to find their rooms; and I stopped and thought to myself, wow.  It was only a year ago that I was in that same position.  I stood there for a moment—well, technically, I was still walking—but I stopped thinking about everything else and pondered back to all that happened to me since then.  A couple of seconds went by until I mentally raised my hands and shouted, sucks to be them!  I hate beginnings, mainly because I’m left in the dark.  I hate not knowing; makes me feel like a noob.  Now, I’m not one of those people who know knows everything, and that the tiger is pregnant for so and so many months of the year—I could care less about that.  If it relates to me and/or is important in my life, then yes, I would love to go through with it with peace of mind.  But enough of me rambling, I am more than proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished in the past year and hope you guys can relate.  I do have a ‘new year's resolution’ for the next year here at PTI.  The thing that really messed me up and caused so much, unnecessary stress was this simple sentence: I’ll do it later.  N.O.  Number one thing to do when you’re in college is to focus on your work.  I knew that when I came in… I was too lazy to abide by it… and trust me, I was lucky to survive the first couple quarters.  My ‘new year's resolution’ is to focus on my work and do the best I can.  As the saying goes, work first play later… er, at least that’s how I remember it.

                Now on to the chitty-chat question.  Out of all of your teachers, and it’s not exclusive to only teachers, but also co-workers, bosses, and whatnot people, who do you like the most?  Or better yet, who do you respect?  I’m asking this because of a little conversation I had with some of my peers on which of our teachers we liked the most.  We were all agreeing that the main reason why we liked them was because we respected them.  So, out of all the faculty, the board—do we have a board?—the staff, and the… other people I don’t know about; who do you respect?

                Thank you all, and have a nice week!

                Kit-Kat out


I respect a lot of the teachers that actually commit themselves to the students. It’s not, “Hey, figure it out on your own.”, they sit there and help you with your work to help you better understand.

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