Mechanical Difficulties

Hey Jungs, was ist los?  That’s German for hey guys, what’s up?  Why did I use German?  I don’t know, just felt like it.  I was going to translate it from some freaky language like Bengali, but it just looked like some cool tattoo design instead of a question.

Remember that trip I mentioned from the last blog about going down towards Lancaster, PA to visit my boyfriend’s grandfather?  Well, the time there was pretty good, but the trip back… that’s where all of the excitement (if you would like to call it that) occurred.  I’m serious, there is never a time during the four hour trip that we haven’t experienced some sort of storm.  The trip back was probably the worst!  We went through four different rain storms, all of which were so terrible that we had to have the 4-way blinkers on.  After the second rain storm, the sun came out, the sky was blue, and the birds were chirping.  Everything was okay, except for the tire…  We were a little over three-fourths of the way home when our front right tire blew.  And it just so happened right in front of the only police car we saw the entire trip home.  Now, he came over and helped us out, but the funny thing was that we knew something was up with the tires because one:  every time we accelerated over 40 mph, I would get this nice butt massage due to the vibrations the car experienced, and two:  the car was a bit lopsided, at least according to my boyfriend.  After the tire practically blew up, we had to change it with a donut and ride that little sucker back to Pittsburgh.  Being on the Pennsylvania Turn Pike going at the maximum of 45 mph… yeah, we had to have our blinkers on and stay on the right side so no one would get traffic ballistic on us.  The good news out of all this is that I learned how to change a tire!  That’s a plus.

            Now that my nice little story is over, how about a question to thirst your quench—as I’ve once stated to my friend, and yes, I know that’s used wrong.  Has anyone gone on a trip and the whole thing just goes south?  Maybe not the whole thing, but something bad happens.  Let’s have a little story time; let’s get together, huddle around a little campfire, eat some marshmallows, and tell a story.  If you actually have marshmallows to eat, great!  Roast them over a candle and om nom them while typing.  I will not be responsible for anything bad that may happen to that candle though.

            Thank you and have a wonderful year!

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