HvZ Time!

Hey everyone, today’s blog is about HvZ aka Humans Vs. Zombies. HvZ is a campus wide game that is based off the TV series “The Walking Dead”. It is pretty much a huge game of tag. There is one original zombie that is randomly selected and from there he or she tags humans, which then turn into zombies. The last man or women standing is the winner. I really enjoy HvZ and when it comes around each year! I remember when I first started here at PTI and they told me about HvZ and at that point I didn’t even know what The Walking Dead was haha. Well anyway, HvZ is a great way for students to have fun and meet a lot of new faces! Right now, the game for the summer is about halfway finished but there will be along one in the fall so don’t miss your chance to come have some fun!  

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