First Blog

First Blog, so firstly, welcome back people of PTI!  I hope you all had a fantastic 2 week (and 3 days) vacation!

You know, the first thing I think of when a new person arrives, especially when its social, is back in those old high school days when you get a new morning announcer.  I always ended up looking around the classroom like a dazed goat wondering, “Who the heck is this?”  Well, that’s me, the ‘new morning announcer’.  Basically, my blogs will start off with a small, 1-2 sentence paragraph, then continue with another small—or large—paragraph containing my 2 cents.  This paragraph will be used to entertain you guys (hopefully), just to make the blog interesting.  Finally, I’ll conclude with a question, or topic of interest, that’ll hopefully create some yapping.  Because, really, what’s a blog without communication between reader and reader, and reader and writer?  Nothing!  That’s what it is!  Honestly, I’m just going to be myself, and I encourage all of you to be yourself too.

Alright.  You all knew this was coming.  It’s the most frequently asked question anybody can come up with after summer is over.  What did you do over summer vacation?  Well, let me rephrase that, and also add on to it.  What was your favorite thing you did, or wanted to do, over break?  I’ve also got another question for you.  What is the most frequently bought, at least in my opinion, product during the summer?  Ice cream!  So, here’s my add-on: what is your favorite place to go get ice cream?  What’s your favorite flavor?  Favorite kind?  Milkshakes!  Sundaes!  Sandwiches!  Blizzards!  Shout it out!

And if you don’t care… go get ice cream!

If you do care… answer my questions, and then go get some ice cream!

Have a nice day!  The end


My break was alright, pretty laid back, just the way I like it. Lots of time at the splash park with my daughter trying to stay cooled down. And of course, lots of ice cream. We have found a great little place called Marta Lee’s here in Steubenville. I am a sundae person forever. Whip cream, chocolate syrup, and peanuts. The works!! Crushing my diet one sundae at a time lol. Hope you had a great break as well!


There is a new student at your school and I would like to get her something useful. What would you suggest? She is in the 21 month program with an emphasis on baking. Thanks!


Peanut butter chocolate ice cream is my favorite. Coldstone does a pretty good job with this

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