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Only A Year Ago…

What’s up everyone!  Hope everybody is settling in—or re-settling in—A-okay!  I, for one, am having no problems what so ever mainly because… well, I never left.                 Read More

First Blog

First Blog, so firstly, welcome back people of PTI!  I hope you all had a fantastic 2 week (and 3 days) vacation! You know, the first thing I think of when a new person arrives, especially when its social, is back in those old high school days when you get a Read More

Upcoming events and ideas for thought…

Hey everyone, how are you guys doing? I’m doing well… just trying to get settled into my new schedule and classes.  I know there are a lot of new students that just came here this quarter and some of you might feel a little homesick. That Read More

Things To Do

Hey everyone, how’s it going? In today’s blog I want to just get your thoughts and views on places around our college to go hang out and have some fun. Personally I like going to Latitude 40 because Monday through Wednesday from 9pm to midnight, they have $2 Read More

HvZ Time!

Hey everyone, today’s blog is about HvZ aka Humans Vs. Zombies. HvZ is a campus wide game that is based off the TV series “The Walking Dead”. It is pretty much a huge game of tag. There is one original zombie that is randomly selected and Read More

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