All Blog Entries in May 2013.

New Author, Big Change!

Hello everyone! As you know Amilia has retired from her duty as the author of Amilia’s Blog. I want to commend her for her constant effort and support on writing the blog every week. She has done a fantastic job and I am glad I have the opportunity Read More

Hello, Goodbye

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say goodbye. Yes, I am leaving. Unfortunately, work and school have gotten the better of me. I start my internship next quarter, and my leaving now will give a smooth transition. I don't know who is taking my place, but I'm sure Read More

How ‘bout them Pens?

Boo-ya! In the lack of something strictly school related to talk about, let's talk hockey! I watched the game with my boyfriend in his room last night and oh my God was that amazing or what?! I'm so excited, I think we're going to the cup. I' Read More

Big Changes!

Hey, everyone! With spring in the air it seems like there's a lot of changes going on, huh? For instance, anyone hear rumors about the dorms being named? Like how big colleges have all they're buildings named after people? Well, the names are going to be announced to Read More