All Blog Entries in April 2013.

A Healthy Start

Hello everybody! How was your break? I had a blast at my friend's cabin and even went fishing! I learned a few things I'm simply horrid at fishing. But, it was fun, none the less! I've decided with this new quarter that I'm making Read More

Finals, Flip-flops, and Spring Break! Oh My!

Hello everyone! How are your finals going? I'm almost done with mine! One more test to take and one more project to turn in and I am d-o-n-e. So far I've been able to hold all A's, so hopefully these last two things won't change that. Read More

New Look!

It seems PTI has done some spring revising as far as the website is concerned. How do we all like the new look? Though it may take some getting used to, I enjoy it. I think it's modern and just plain cool, so it pretty much describes the school Read More

ASN Program

Have you heard? Have you seen? There's posters up all over the halls! Once again, PTI is expanding their horizons. We've already discussed three other up-and-coming programs that students will soon be able to enroll in, and now here's another one. ASN Nursing. Students enrolled in this Read More