All Blog Entries in March 2013.

Without a Car

I've been lucky enough, all my driving life, to have a vehicle to get me from point A to point B. Right now, though, I am struggling. My car is currently back home and in the shop. Back home is an hour away. The car's been fixed since Read More

Food for Thought

First of all, I cannot believe I haven't used that title yet...I talk about food all the time! OK so back to my original train of thought, have you guys ever walked into the cafe craving a particular food that you know they don't have? That happens Read More

Groundbreaking News

Did any of you guys watch the groundbreaking ceremony held for the new building a few days ago? Unfortunately, I slept in, but KDKA didn't. That's right, PTI was on the news. The new building, as you all know, will hold the classes for the new Oil and Read More