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Don't you just love when you come home from work some night after closing, and you pull into the parking lot by the dorms, and there's no where to park? No? Well, me neither. The annoyance I feel when walking down the hill at 11 pm is only added Read More

Snow Days?

Woah guys, that last sudden weather change was crazy! As my friends say, "Mother Nature is a woman, ergo, she is moody and likes to change her mind." Pish, posh, I say! Well...ok I don't say that, but hey, what I do actually say has the same basic Read More

(Not so) Typical College Break

Hello, everyone! How was your break? Mine was pretty awesome. I wanted to update the site while I was on break, because I did some pretty awesome stuff, but where I was I couldn't get my laptop to connect to the internet. First of all, how excited are we that Read More

Finals and Break

How is everyone's finals going? I've finished all of my work, and took the only actual test that I had. I'm impatiently waiting for my grades to be posted; with low A's in all of my classes, I'm really concerned that something will knock me down to a B. Not Read More


Welcome back, everybody! Did we all have a nice break? And how was New Years? I had friends come over for the ball dropping, then we all went to bed and woke up early for breakfast at iHop. We woke up so early because we also decided to go to Read More