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Watch Out For Cameras!

Remember before you decided to come to PTI and you saw that commercial on the TV? Well the camera crews are coming back early next week to film the new tv spot! A number of classes are going to be filmed and talked about; namely, as I've been told, will Read More

Somewhere new?

Latitude 40!!! Anyone try it out yet? It's so awesome! I've been there twice now, I hope to make a weekly habit of it or something. I've never been to a Dave and Buster's, but apparently it's kind of like that, only bigger. There's two floors. On the first floor is Read More

Time for Turkey

It's that time of year! Time to get stuffed and hang out with the whole family! You all excited? I cannot wait for the food. Mashed potatoes and turkey...I get excited just thinking about that succulent meal. We've talked before about the difference between home food and college food, Read More

Warning! Creepy Mannequin Ahead.

Seriously who's idea was it to put a mannequin on the 6th floor. It just creepily stands everyone. I get it, trying to advertise for the Culinary school, but seriously, Mr. Creepy was the best idea for this? He's just...frightening! Maybe it's just me, I'm a Read More

Late Nights and Early Mornings

When you were in high school did your teachers warn you that once you got to college you'd have to change your study habits? That would be a yes for me. I was always the student who would skim a summary of the chapter and ace the test. My teachers Read More

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