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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

...come again when it's warmer out...That's how it goes in my head. Hello, everyone! Enjoying the hurricane? I usually say if it's warm enough to rain, it's not cold enough to snow, therefore it's warm enough for me...but that doesn't quite cut it in 40 degree rain. Plus the Read More


Anyone notice the signs posted around the school talking about our Welding program? They just went up today (Friday). A lot of my classmates were talking excitedly about it. But really, who knows what's going on? (ME!) So, PTI's starting a Welding program? Yes. Applications are apparently starting now, and Read More

Tough it up Cupcake!

'Ello! So a first little side note, I totally didn't notice that there is going to be a costume contest on the 31st during school! (There's a poster about it outside of the cafe). Now you HAVE to dress up! It's going to be awesome. So back to my original Read More


Hallo! Ok, yeah, that's all I remember from my four years of high school German class (Side note: I do remember more, but nothing important). So did everyone enjoy Oktoberfest last night? I was there for a whole five minutes. After realizing that it was basically the same as last Read More

Roommate Logic

Hello everyone! Glad to be back? Back to school, back to roommates. Oh, yes, we all missed them. Let's talk about roommates for a bit, yeah? I don't dislike my roommates, we get along decently well and mostly stay out of each other's hair. There's a bit of bickering and Read More

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