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Show Me What You've Got!

Hello there, readers. Just thought I'd post a little update about the Portfolio Show. In the second flood lab every quarter, the eighth quarter Multimedia and Graphic Design students put together their portfolios for a bit of show and tell. It's really quite magnificent. There was a lot of skill Read More


I am currently infuriated and bare with me. I don't complain much about the school, I really don't. I love PTI and mostly everything about it. There is one thing, though, that can get me ranting for at least an hour. That one thing? Attendance. OK, fine, take Read More

Drama, Drama…

...Drama Club!! You know, it makes me so sad when people say "PTI has a Drama Club?" Yes, people, yes we do! It's run by Mr. Kirk from the Gen. Ed. Department and they meet every Tuesday from 5:30 to 8:30. If you've done any acting in your life and enjoyed it Read More

"Help! I need somebody…"

Hello, hello! I was asked by Miss Harrison what my thoughts were on the tutoring times we have available to us here at the school. I think I will firstly start off with telling anyone who's reading this and doesn't know about tutoring what we actually do. Here at PTI Read More

Who needs money? Oh yeah…me

Part-time jobs are super important to the college kid. Especially a college kid who lives close to a big city. Especially to this college kid that lives ten minutes from, and works at, the mall. Having a part-time job is a really great way to get work experience too. Let's Read More

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