Promote Change Scholarship

Win one of five $7,000 “PROMOTE CHANGE” PTI Scholarships, by campaigning for a cause that’s special to you. Then show us what you’re doing.

  1. Write a paragraph telling PTI why your cause is important to you and why it deserves recognition.
  2. Develop a campaign to promote awareness for your cause.
    Your campaign must:
    • three initiatives
    • some form of social media

PTI’s “Promote Change” Scholarship is open to all 2015 high school graduates and limited to one entry per student.

Deadline: Saturday, June 6, 2015 - Midnight.

Give a speech. Hold a rally. Design a poster. Build a website. Start a club. Sponsor a fundraising activity. Develop a Facebook page. Create a Twitter hashtag. Find a way to bring awareness to a cause meaningful to you. Whatever it is you do, document your initiatives with photographs, videos, testimonials, reports, spreadsheets, etc.

PTI "Promote Change" Scholarship