Promote Change Scholarship

Win one of five $7,000 “PROMOTE CHANGE” PTI Scholarships, by campaigning for a cause that’s special to you. Then show us what you’re doing.

  1. Write a paragraph telling PTI why your cause is important to you and why it deserves recognition.
  2. Share with us the initiatives you took to promote awareness for your cause. Your campaign must integrate some form of social media.

PTI’s “Promote Change” Scholarship is open to all 2015 high school graduates and limited to one entry per student.

Deadline: Saturday, June 6, 2015 - Midnight.

Give a speech. Hold a rally. Design a poster. Build a website. Start a club. Sponsor a fundraising activity. Develop a Facebook page. Create a Twitter hashtag. Find a way to bring awareness to a cause meaningful to you. Whatever it is you do, document your initiatives with photographs, videos, testimonials, reports, spreadsheets, etc. If you have questions about this scholarship, please contact Kristy DeAngelis (, ph: 412.809.5170.

PTI "Promote Change" Scholarship