Grants and Scholarships

Determining how to pay for school is like fitting together a jigsaw puzzle. There are large pieces and there are small pieces. Regardless of size, all are important to the complete financial aid picture.

State and federal grants and loans are the big pieces, the ones that build the foundation of many families’ financial aid packages.
Over and above government-funded financial aid, PTI can offer some families institutional grants and scholarships to reduce outstanding balances. Factors as diverse as need, family relationships, military experience, and geography determine a student’s institutional grant eligibility.

The following is a brief overview of PTI’s institutional grants and scholarships. The best way to know if one or more of these apply to you is to work with your Admissions Coordinator and Financial Planner to explore all of your options.

If you think you qualify for any of these PTI institutional grants, talk to your Admissions Coordinator who can review eligibility requirements and scholarship details.

In addition to PTI institutional grants, and government grants and loans, many community-based organizations and clubs offer scholarships to students for their postsecondary education. The best way to uncover these is to ask.

Some sources to ask are your guidance counselor, members of your school board and town council, your mayor, the HR department of family members’ employers, your high school coach and search via the internet. The information can be uncovered for free. Be wary of any company or individual offering to find this information for you for a fee.


PTI Alumni Grant
PTI associate degree graduates returning for a certificate or a second degree program can receive a 30% partial tuition grant.
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PTI Alumni Family Member Grant
Family members of PTI graduates can receive a partial tuition grant up to a maximum of $250 per quarter. Eligibility is extended to the children, spouse, grandchildren, and siblings of PTI alumni.
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PTI Certificate Program Grant 
Students who are not PELL eligible and enrolled in PTI certificate programs can receive a grant based on a Pennsylvania state grant formula determined by PTI.
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PTI Cyber School Student Scholarship
High school seniors enrolled full-time at a state approved cyber school are eligible to apply for a renewable partial tuition scholarship of $6000 per calendar year.
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PTI Distressed Industry Grant 
Distressed workers eligible for CareerLink funding can receive a PTI grant up to a maximum of $4,000 for an associate degree program and $2,000 for a certificate program.
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PTI Early Admissions Grant/Scholarship
High School Seniors who apply and pay their Tuition Deposit by the November 19 Deadline will receive a $500 early admissions grant and become eligible to participate in the Early Admissions Scholarship competition. A paragraph must be submitted for the student to be eligible for the Early Admissions Scholarship. Three High School senior's paragraphs will be selected and will recieve an additional $3,000.

Submission form - PTI Early Admissions Grant/Scholarship
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PTI Family Grant
Direct family members of PTI employees can receive an award covering the cost of tuition after grants. This benefit is extended to children, step-children, spouses, parents, siblings and grandchildren of employees. The employee must meet with HR to determine and tax consequences resulting from this benefit.
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PTI High School Club or Organization Grants & Scholarships 
Active members of identified high school clubs and organizations can receive a renewable partial tuition grant up to $6,000 per calendar year recognizing their involvement. In recent years, grants have been offered to members of these organizations: Future Business Leaders of America, Distributive Education Clubs of America, SkillsUSA, Technology Students Association, Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition, Future Farmers of America, Health Occupations Students of America, Family, Community and Career Leaders of America, Business Professionals of America, National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, JROTC Member of High School Student Government and others.
To apply, download an application form here
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PTl High School Spirit Scholarship
High school seniors are eligible to enter PTl’s "Spirit of Your High School” Scholarship competition. Participants must submit a digital banner design using our specific guidelines to illustrate your high school spirit. Five high school seniors will be awarded $3000 based on judges' evaluation of the work. All submissions will be printed by PTI and displayed in our gallery for consideration. The five winners will receive banners of their design to be presented to their high school.
Learn more about the High School Spirit Scholarship
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PTI Honors in Technology Scholarship 
Applicants who are gradyear high school graduates or a graduate of one of the previous five graduating classes (prevFiveGradYrListOr), enrolled in Computer Programming, Electronics Engineering Technology, Information Technology, Smart Building Technology or Computer Aided Drafting, and scheduled to start classes July gradyearPlusX, October gradyearPlusX or January gradyearPlusX are eligible to receive an Honors in Technology Scholarship. Scholarship awards are based on the student's documented high school cumulative grade point average (CGPA):
• $3,500 is awarded to applicants with a HS CGPA of 3.50 or higher;
• $2,100 is awarded to applicants with a HS CGPA between 3.00 and 3.49.
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PTI “I inspire” Scholarship
As important as it is to have people and events in your life that inspire you, it is equally important to PTI that you are an inspiration to someone else. To apply, High SchooI seniors must write and submit a paragraph entitled: "l inspire” telling us how you inspire someone in your life. There will be five individual $1,000 awards given to seniors whose story was evaluated and judged as one of the top 5 paragraphs submitted.
Learn more about the PTI "I Inspire" Scholarship.

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PTI “Inspiration” Scholarship
To apply for this scholarship, seniors in the graduating class of 2015 must write and submit a paragraph with the title: "What person or event has most inspired me?” How has this person or event changed your life? PTI wants to know. There will be 5 winners chosen by a panel of judges. Each winner will receive a $1,000 PTI scholarship.
Learn more about the PTI Inspiration Scholarship.
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PTI JROTC Scholarship
Active members of their high school Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard JROTC organization can receive a renewable partial tuition up to $6,000 per calendar year toward any PTI asssociate degree program.

PTI Late PHEAA Application Grant
Newly accepted students who missed the state grant deadline can receive a PTI grant for their first academic year. This is a one-time grant, available only to students who applied for admission after the state grant deadline.
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PTI Out-of-State Resident Grant
Out-of-state students enrolled in associate degree programs can receive a PTI grant based on the PA state grant formula. So along with not charging higher tuition for out-of-state students, PTI awards grants to eligible students.
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High school seniors can participate in PTl’s "Promote Change” Scholarship for the opportunity to win one of five $7,000 scholarships. Craft a campaign for a cause that is meaningful to you. Tell us why it's important and provide three action items that create awareness and initiate change. Social media must be incorporated in this project.
Learn more about the "PROMOTE CHANGE” Scholarship
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PTI Tuition Assistance Grant
PTI students who demonstrate financial need can receive a grant of up to a maximum of $6,000.

PTI Sibling Grant
PTI students from the same immediate family attending concurrently can receive a grant for each term attended simultaneously valued at $400 per student per quarter.
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PTI students sponsored by TAA/TRA can receive a grant to cover costs remaining after grants and after TAA funding.
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