Financial Aid

Welcome to the Financial Aid Center at PTI. Here you will find resources, forms, and step by step instructions to assist you in the process of paying for college. We will try and make this important process as easy as we can for you. And you can call us at any time at 412-809-5100 to answer any questions you may have or to walk you through one of the steps. We have provided several links in the right-hand margin that include resources you may find valuable. We encourage you to become as informed as you can.
Let get started:


Start by obtaining a Federal Personal Identification Number (PIN) at  

In several of the forms the government requires you will need this number. If you follow the link to this government website you may request your pin.                       

  • The process only takes a few minutes.
  • Once you request your PIN it will be sent to you within 48 hours
  • You will need this number to complete your forms
  • If you are a dependent student, both you and one parent must obtain a PIN. If you are not sure if you are a dependent check this site:
  • Why not do this right now?


Complete the FAFSA at

The FAFSA form is the free application for federal student aid. Once you receive your PIN via email after about 48 hours from your PIN request you have what you need to get started. The FAFSA form is the start of the process you

  • You must have completed your 2014 taxes so you can have your income information ready since that will be one of the questions. Have your tax return handy.
  • If you are a dependent you will want to have both yours and your parents return handy.
  • You may choose to estimate your income but you will need to update this information once your taxes are complete.
  • You will need PTI’s Federal School Code which is 007437
  • The process should take you about 20 minutes
  • If you need to stop the process in the middle, remember to SAVE your work.


Apply for Federal Direct Student Loans

There are a number of financial aid opportunities available to PTI students. Now is the time to start the process of applying for student loans. The federal government has a website When have your pin and have filed your FAFSA you should go to this site next. On this site you will find loan options, information on repayment plans, interest rates and other important information. You will use this site to apply. There are loans on this site for students. Parents may apply for a PLUS loan, a loan for parents of students attending college. The site will explain the options. Plan for about 30 minutes to complete this site.


  • Use your PIN to sign in to the site
  • Complete the Master Promissory Note form
  • In this process be sure to select the subsidized/unsubsidized option


  • Use your PIN to sign in
  • Complete the Master Promissory Note forms
  • Choose Parent PLUS


State of Pennsylvania Financial Aid

Residents of the state of Pennsylvania have a number of financial aid opportunities to apply for through PHEAA – The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency. To learn more about these opportunities visit

Some options include:

The PATH Program
A partnership with nonprofit organizations that offer scholarships to needy students. These scholarships have the potential to be matched by PHEAA on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Visit for a list of participating partners.

Postsecondary Educational Gratuity Program
This program assists children of Pennsylvania police officers, firefighters, rescue, and ambulance squad members, corrections employees, and National Guard and sheriff’s office staff who died in the line of duty.

Pennsylvania National Guard Education Assistance Program
Created for students who enter a commitment with the National Guard

Pennsylvania State Work-Study Program
Through the work study program Pennsylvania students can gain on-the-job work experience while earning money to help pay for college.

Blind or Deaf Beneficiary Grant Program
Through this program, blind or deaf Pennsylvania residents may apply for funds to help pay for their education.

Pennsylvania Targeted Industry Program
PA-TIP is a need based program available to students enrolled in short terms programs such as

  • Energy
  • Advance Materials and Diversified Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and Food Production

For information on these programs and to complete an application be sure to visit