Financial Aid

"What am I going to study?" and "How am I going to pay for it?" are questions that go hand in hand. Paying for your education is an investment in your future and your future earnings. To make education possible for most, financial aid is available to students and their families who qualify.

First things first. Financial aid falls into three primary categories:


Monetary awards that do not have to be repaid. Grants are your dollars at work for you.


Monetary gifts that do not have to be repaid. Scholarships typically recognize outstanding achievement, community service, or some personal interest or


Monetary awards that MUST be repaid. Loans are dollars given to you by a lending institution or organization for the purpose of going to school.

PTI Awards
PTI awards institutional grants and scholarships to students based on various eligibility requirements.

Additionally, PTI supports a variety of student organizations through institutional scholarships:

Talk to the Experts
Can everyone get a grant? How do I find scholarships? What kinds of loans are there? What's PHEAA? Title IV? Parent Plus Loan?

There are plenty of questions to answer about financial aid and how financial aid packages come together to make education affordable. It's a personal thing, different for everyone, that's best handled situation by situation. PTI's Admissions team can answer your questions and work to maximize your financial aid eligibility. They are happy to sit down to discuss your situation and help you decide which grants, loans and scholarships are right for you. They can help you meet deadlines, complete paperwork, and move the process along. Our Financial Planners do it every day. They understand the rules and know what to do.

They are the experts - and you should take advantage of their significant knowledge.

For more scholarship information or to access a scholarship application, see the links below.