Online Payments

Whether you are looking to make your housing deposit, a tuition payment, or load dollars onto your PTI OneCard, this is the place to start.

online payment center | OneCard | NBS Payments

Future students can submit their tuition or housing deposit online and current students can make their tuition payments online, click here.


online payment center | OneCard | NBS Payments

Current students can add funds to their PTI OneCard online here.

The PTI OneCard is the official identification card for students and employees. It works as a library card. It is a purchasing card in the PTI Campus Store and the PTI Cafe, and can be used in PTI laundry rooms and vending machines. And it works as a key to open the door to on-campus housing buildings and apartments and off-campus housing buildings at Westpointe.

It also can be used for purchases at these local merchants: Sheetz, the Oakdale Inn, and J. Lynn’s Café.

PTI OneCards are supplied to all students at no cost — it is the official PTI student ID. Stolen or lost cards should be reported immediately first to the PTI Security Office at 412.809.5300 then to OneCard at 866.573.0805 or For a replacement OneCard, visit the PTI Campus Store.

online payment center | OneCard | NBS Payments

Students and families can use the NBS/FACTS Management E-cashier system to schedule automatic monthly payments, deductions from a checking account or a savings account, or charges to a credit card. This system allows the student, the parent, or any responsible party to spread payments over a period of months. Payment amounts and the length of the payment period are mutually agreed upon during the student's financial aid planning session.

Please contact the school for specific details regarding amounts and terms BEFORE attempting to complete this agreement. Then you can begin to schedule your payments through e-Cashier here.