An internship is an integral part of all Associate Degree and some Certificate programs at PTI

Professional Internships - A PTI Advantage

An important advantage in attending PTI is the experience you will gain on your internship. In today’s job market, an internship is called the new interview because so many employers value experience in the people they hire. There is no better way for a company to learn the value of a potential employee than from working with them first hand during an internship.

In this video Director of Career Services Josephine Smith explains why internships are so valuable.


For you as a student, there is great value in learning about a company and a career field by working directly at that company during an internship. You learn about the career, what the day to day company environment is like, and promotion opportunities.

At PTI, each Associate student participates in a valuable internship in their field of study. During these internships, students learn important work skills, gain insight into a company’s environment, plus, add important credential to their resume.

Most important, internship employers hired 50% of PTI students who were available for employment after graduation.*

Career Support

During your studies at PTI you will work with the outstanding career services department, a group of over 13 career specialists dedicated to helping you build your career. You will meet with your career services advisor to identify potential internship employers. You will learn interviewing skills, build your resume, and be introduced to potential employers who are looking for PTI Interns.

When you have landed your internship, you will spend eleven intensive weeks learning career skills first hand. Combined with PTI’s hands - on education, you will have a head start on the career you have selected.

It is important to note that many colleges do not offer an internship option. PTI has offered internship for over 20 years, and many companies such as Industrial Scientific have hired over 100 interns from PTI. This is an important distinction to remember when you are selecting a college.

How do companies view internships? Watch what Diane Bickford - Executive for Organizational Excellence at CORE has to say about PTI internships:



Diane Bickford - Executive for Organizational Excellence of CORE

Diane Bickford - Executive for Organizational Excellence of CORE, the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, says of PTI Interns,

"CORE has found PTI interns to be energetic, ready to work and very willing to take on any task. As a result, we are able to employ several PTI graduates full time who continue to be high performers today. *



Scot MacTaggard – Branch Manager of PSX

Scot MacTaggard - Branch Manager, PSX, talks about the success his technology company has experience with PTI interns,

"We’ve hired a number of PTI grads that we consider to be great successes. Our lead technician in our Cleveland office not that long ago was an intern and he quickly moved through the ranks." *


*Statistics are based on 2014 graduates who were offered and/or received career search assistance from January 1, 2014-April 30, 2015. Employment includes full-time, part-time, and freelance positions. For more information visit