High school counselors and teachers can connect with PTI through events and workshops

High School Teachers and Guidance Counselors

PTI offers students interested in a hands-on, real-world education the opportunity to pursue a career in two years or less.

Students benefit from focused programs, industry-driven curriculum, workplace internships, clinical rotations, team projects, and nurturing, caring classrooms.

PTI focuses on the student and provides an array of services from free tutoring and mentoring, to intramural sports, student events, community service, on and off campus housing, counseling, and most important, attention to the individual.

The uniqueness of PTI is evident from the very first visit to campus. Faculty is not hidden behind closed doors and office hours. They are accessible and often seen working with students long after class has concluded. Students are not sitting in large lectures scribbling volumes of notes. They are actively learning, building, programming, testing, troubleshooting, marketing, measuring, animating and illustrating. They listen and learn, then they do.

That's why many PTI students excel and grow to their full potential. They are involved and engaged. They enjoy what they are learning because they are learning what they love.

PTI does not measure students by SAT or ACT score or GPA. While high school grades are a reflection of past performance, it is not a predictor of PTI achievement. We find that the 4.0 student and the 2.0 student have the same opportunities for career success because career preparation is choice often based on the individual's talents and passion for the field. PTI students truly find success their own way.

Rolling admission and no fee...

Interested students can schedule their own campus visit beginning the summer before their senior year. Visits are available most days throughout the year. Check our online schedule for current openings.

PTI accepts applications for admission on a rolling basis; there is no deadline for acceptance and there is no application fee. Most recent graduates elect a July or an October start to classes. Some classes however do reach capacity so the sooner a student applies, the better the student's chances for acceptance to his or her program of choice.

High school student scholarships and grants...

PTI offers scholarships and grants to high school students based on need and on merit. Our Art and Design Scholarship recognizes achievement in eight different categories. We also offer scholarship and grants to active members of high school organizations and in association with our Visions and Voices High School Student Show and our Concept Car Competition. For details, check the information in our financial aid section or contact PTI directly.

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