High School Students

Perhaps you learned about PTI and our career focused programs when we visited your high school. Maybe a guidance counselor or teacher told you about former students who graduated from PTI and now have jobs they love. Possibly you found us on your own through a Google search or by talking to friends, relatives or an employer.

No matter how you learned about PTI, making the right decision for you is important to finding Success Your Way.

Our faculty and the professionals in our Career Services Department will do everything they can to help, guide and encourage you, to make it possible for you to reach your full potential. But in the end, it really is up to you to make it happen.

If you're a senior...

Beginning the summer before your senior year and during the next 12 months you can visit our campus any time. We want to meet you and your family. Schedule a campus visit or a time with us when we visit your neighborhood. When we meet, we can tell you about PTI, our programs, and some of the grants and scholarships we offer high school students.

If you're an underclassman...

Let us know you are interested by signing up for our e-newsletter. We will email you information and invitations to activities on campus. You can follow what's happening at PTI by checking out the events and images we post on pti.edu, on Facebook, on Flickr and on YouTube.

Spend Some Time on Campus

Some events are perfect for high school students who want to learn more about PTI and our careers programs. You might want to attend our School of Design Portfolio show, an Open House or Housing Day, or you can come to one of the following events.

At PTI, success your way is a mindset for students, faculty and staff. Every student who sits in our classrooms, who works in our labs, and who shows a commitment to learning has the opportunity to build a successful future. Whether that's landing full-time employment or building a freelance career, staying in Western Pennsylvania or returning home, entering the workforce immediately after PTI graduation or transferring to a four-year university, the degree or certificate earned at PTI is a solid foundation for building a successful future - the future you've dreamed of having for yourself.

Apply now to begin the journey to Success Your Way.

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