High School Seniors

PTI Welcomes the Class of gradyear

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Congratulations. As you complete your senior year of high school and prepare for the first year of college at PTI, there’s a lot to get done. To help you keep track of opportunities and deadlines, we’ve created this special place on our website just for our gradyear graduates.  Here you can find what you need to get ready for the start of class and maybe win a few dollars to pay for your PTI education.

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Let’s get Started.


Start with a campus visit to talk to a PTI admissions coordinator. This is when you learn about PTI, our programs, our student services and campus activities.  It’s when you can visit our academic buildings, talk about PTI’s residence halls and off-campus apartments, meet students and instructors, and learn about the grants, loans and scholarships that can help you pay for college.

If you believe that PTI could be the right fit, you need to complete these steps:

Complete these four steps successfully by November 20, 2015 and you will earn an Early Admissions Grant.  

Ready for more? Here’s how you qualify for the chance to win one of three Early Admissions Scholarships that will be announced December 18, 2015.

  • Submit your paragraph explaining “Why it’s important to me to continue my education after high school” by November 20, 2015.

Housing important to you? The Early Admissions program also offers this benefit.

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Housing Students – for Your Eyes Only

For some students “living at school” is essential to making the most of the college experience. If you are interested in learning about the three residence halls on PTI’s campus, or the off-campus housing supervised by PTI’s Housing Department, join us for PTI Housing Day.   

Our next Housing Day is: (Saturday February 6, 2015)

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Making the Dollars Work for You

Meeting with one of PTI’s financial aid planners can open doors to federal and state grants and loans and to PTI scholarships and institutional grants.  Even if you think you don’t qualify, tap into the expertise of this team of experts who understands the paperwork, timelines and procedures. 

Now it’s time to relax and get ready for the start of school.