Adults interested in returning to school can earn an associate degree or certificate at PTI in two years or less

Adult Learners

Making the decision to return to school can be daunting for working adults, individuals ready to return to the workforce, and military personnel. But more and more nontraditional students are making this move to advance their careers or start a brand new one.

PTI offers scheduling choices that make it feasible to fit education into an already hectic lifestyle. Adult learners at PTI can elect evening classes that blend on ground and online learning, can attend classes during the day, primarily in the morning or in the afternoon, or can opt for completely online classes for the distance education experience.

Regardless of schedule choice, adult students benefit from the focused, career-specific curriculum that streamlines the journey from classroom to work.

If it's been a while since you were in the classroom...
You are not alone if high school is more than a couple of years behind you. Evening programs at our North Fayette Campus offer programs specifically for the adult student. When you walk into class, look around. You will see others who are changing careers or returning to school later in life.

Ask us about CLEP or Dantes testing if you have education or work/life experience you believe qualifies for course credit.

If you spent a year or two in college...
You tried a different college or school but it didn't work out. Depending on how long you stayed, what you studied, and what you now want to pursue, there could be transfer of credit possibilities. This could make a fast-paced, streamlined education even shorter.

If you are active duty military or a veteran...
PTI is a military friendly college. We understand the constraints of your armed forces commitments and the procedures for GI Bill or Yellow Ribbon funding. We can help you balance duty and dreams.

You are an adult student. You don't fit the traditional mold. Student activities and intramural sports are secondary to urgency of learning and work/life commitments. At PTI you can earn the certificate or degree you need to build a successful career in a short period of time. And as a graduate you have the support of our Career Services Team.

Schedule a campus visit to meet with a member of our adult admissions team. They understand your concerns and can answer your questions. More important are the stories they can share about nontraditional students they helped through the admissions process - students who once were in the same position as you and now are PTI graduates with successful careers.

Apply now to begin the journey to Success Your Way.

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