Find the answers to the questions most frequently asked of the PTI admissions staff

Admissions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions

Q. Is PTI accredited?
A. We are the first two-year career college in western PA to receive accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Q. Where is PTI located?
A. PTI is located on 180 acres of rolling green fields and wooded hillsides. Our campus is a rural oasis midway between urban downtown Pittsburgh and
Pittsburgh International Airport, not far from suburban shopping malls and residential developments.

Q. Will I have to race from building to building to find my classes?
We teach our classes in a single academic building — a large one with six floors, two huge computer labs, specialty labs, and many classrooms and student service areas at the North Fayette Campus.

Q. Is it hard to get an appointment to talk to my instructors?
We have very few doors to facilitate access to faculty, student advisors, department chairs, admissions coordinators, financial aid personnel, and resident life staff — all the individuals who help make your education a successful experience.

Q. Is the North Fayette campus my only option?
 PTI also offers several majors fully online.

Q. How much is parking?
Parking is free at the North Fayette Campus.

Q. I don't live in the area. How can I attend PTI without a long commute?
PTI offers two housing options, including student apartment buildings on campus and off-campus apartments. There are also a number of private apartments nearby.

Q. Will my instructors have office hours or do I have to find them at their job outside of teaching?
Most instructors are full-time and are available for help before and after classes. No need to check for office hours.

Q. Can I transfer credits from another college to PTI?
PTI offers transfer of credit on a case-by-case basis and credit for prior learning through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

Q. How much will my tuition be increased every year?
Your stated tuition is a constant; it does not increase year after year if you maintain consistent enrollment in the same program.

Q. I don't live in Pennsylvania. How much more will tuition be for an out-of-state student?
If you live out-of-state we charge you in-state tuition. Out-of-state students are not penalized with higher tuition rates.

Q. What about extra charges for books and supplies?
Estimated book, kit, uniform, and supply costs are included in your financial plan. No need for a large cash payment at the start of each quarter.

Q. What is the application deadline?
There is no deadline. Applications are accepted on a rolling calendar.

Q. I never took the SATs. What can I do?
We require a high school diploma or a GED. No need to submit your SATs or ACTs.

Q. How much is the application fee?
There is no application fee.

Q. How can I get experience in my chosen field?
All degree and some certificate programs incorporate an internship giving you real-world experience before you graduate.

Q. How do I find a job?
All graduates enjoy the help of the Career Services department — free! For as long as you need them.