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Achieve organizational strength through education, training & teamwork.

The Advantages of a PTI Education Alliance

PTI degrees and certificate programs focus on teaching in-demand skills sought by today's employers. We are committed to preparing our students for career success and helping your employees acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for advancement in their current jobs or to pursue other open positions within your organization. Become a PTI Education Alliance member today, and we will:

Establish A 10% tuition grant for all of your eligible employees and their immediate families.
Provide program materials to your Human Resources Department that explain the availability, benefits and details of our programs.
Arrange for speakers to make presentations to your staff regarding PTI and the many benefits of advancing their education.
Provide special assistance in the enrollment process for your employees and their families.
Economic growth in western Pennsylvania is generating demand for highly trained, highly skilled workers in a wide range of industries, including Building Technology, business, Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Oil and Gas Electronics, Technology, Design and the Culinary Arts. With a PTI Education Alliance, you can establish a
pipeline to the ongoing growth and success of your organization by enriching your most valuable asset – your employees.

Let's get growing!

Keeping your best employees motivated and satisfied in their roles with your organization can be challenging. With Pittsburgh Technical Institute as your education provider, an enthusiastic, highly trained workforce will have the tools they need to help you build your business from within. Contact us today to set the future in motion!

An investment in the future of your organization

Pittsburgh Technical Institute has been serving the needs of employers across Western Pennsylvania and surrounding regions since 1946. We are proud of our history of preparing career-motivated students with the job-ready knowledge and skills to keep them qualified for advancement and satisfied at work.

Put a PTI Education Alliance to work at your company!

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