High School Faculty

High school counselors and teachers know their students best. And that’s why we want counselors and teachers to know PTI. Visit our High School Teachers/Counselors Center to learn more about events and workshops, along with details on how to assist students in making the decision to attend PTI and how to apply.

High School Faculty Center

  • Events

    Check our Events listing for this year’s workshop series, the announcement of our Summer Academies for high school students, and gallery events such as The Art of Education, Visions and Voices, and the Concept Car Competition.

  • What We Teach

    Check out the degrees and certificates we offer.

  • How To Apply

    Interested students can apply online – There’s no application fee! – and find the documents they need to complete the admissions process.

  • Virtual Tour

    Never visited PTI’s campus? Now you can come up our driveway, walk through the visitor’s entrance and check out our specialty labs and student areas, all without leaving your high school office using our 360° virtual tour.

  • Alumni Profiles

    Check out our graduate profiles. You may find one of your former students!