PTI is western Pennsylvania's leading career college

Fast Facts

Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI) is western Pennsylvania's leading career college, offering Associate Degree programs, Certificate courses and certification preparation classes.

PTI offers focused, hands-on learning, committed faculty, convenient schedules, campus activities and lifetime career services.

Core Values

Student Focused
PTI is committed to quality and challenging education, a caring environment, student-centered learning, student engagement and overall student success.


PTI is dedicated to morally and ethically upholding the institutional mission and vision.


PTI maintains a culture which is surrounded by mutual respect, collaboration, passion, creativity and motivation toward achieving quality education and a student-centered environment.


The mission of Pittsburgh Technical Institute, as a degree-granting institution, is to empower its students to succeed in today's dynamic world by integrating general studies and professional skills into a sound career focused education that provides the life skills necessary for students to realize their full potential and career goals.


Oakdale, PA, a suburb west of Pittsburgh, just 10 minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport and 20 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.