There are many sports and other activities that PTI students can attend

Student Activities Calendar

Living, learning, playing. Where you live, how you learn, what you play — it’s personal.

It’s your style. When PTI students aren’t learning, they are out having fun, socializing, and making a statement.

Whatever your style, PTI offers diverse choices and a dynamic campus full of activity: community service, intramural sports, parties, entertainment, clubs, productions, excursions and events.



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Why settle for the ordinary? Demand the extraordinary, the exhilarating. After all, you’ve got style. Watch our videos, view our photos, and friend us on Facebook to follow the action on PTI’s campus.

  • PTI Basketball league
  • PTI Carnival
  • PTI Dodgeball League
  • PTI Flag Football League
  • PTI Game Show Night
  • PTI Human vs. Zombies
  • PTI Jumbo Soccer
  • PTI Jurassic Art
  • PTI Kickball League
  • PTI Oktoberfest
  • PTI Soccer League
  • PTI Softball League