About PTI

With academic programs in high-demand career fields and a faculty and staff committed to student success, PTI offers students an opportunity to pursue a career in two years or less.

For more than 65 years, PTI's faculty and staff have been singularly focused on each student's career development. It takes a tremendous amount of focus, hard work and dedication to reach your goal and the PTI team will be behind you every step of the way.

Our academic programs are offered in fields in which there is great demand for new graduates — and we adjust our offerings as market conditions change. From Building Technology to Business Administration; Criminal Justice to Information Technology to Graphic Design; Medical Assisting, Nursing and Massage Therapy, all Associate Degree and Certificate programs offered at PTI are developed under the guidance of industry advisory boards and designed to meet the current needs of employers by following industry trends and technologies.

PTI's hands-on approach to education and active learning environment replicates the reality of a workplace so closely that our students enter the workforce with the ability to work in a team environment, interpret customer needs, communicate well, interact effectively with people, and analyze problems. That's why employers call hiring a PTI graduate a "win win" (Dennis DeFelice, GNC) or "beyond all expectations" (Carl Pierce, Worldwide Flight Services).


PTI's Pittsburgh area location and its online education division, PTI Online, meet the needs of students by delivering education in three different ways: as campus-based programs, as blended on-ground and online programs, and as completely online programs.

PTI's North Fayette Campus is conveniently located on 180 acres close to major interstates and situated between Pittsburgh International Airport and downtown Pittsburgh. This ideal location provides a tranquil learning environment, on-campus housing, recreation areas, plenty of free parking, and quick access to employment and entertainment. It is close to the Mall at Robinson and The Pointe, retail complexes with options for dining, shopping and relaxing.

PTI's Online Division offers certificate and degree programs through distance education. Additionally many campus-based programs offer selected coursework in the on-line format.


Since 1946 PTI has grown from a small, single-discipline school to a two-year college offering more than 25 programs to 2,000 students. Our primary campus is located on 180 acres in a quiet suburban community and offers on-campus and off-campus housing, intramural sports, and student activities.

As a post secondary institution PTI has changed tremendously. Our core values have not. PTI's academic programs prepare students for careers by delivering employer-directed curriculum. PTI's instructors focus on student achievement and success, rather than research and papers.

PTI's hands-on approach to education and an active learning environment replicates the reality of a workplace so closely that our students can enter the workplace with the ability to succeed in a team environment, interact effectively with people, and analyze problems. That's why employers return to PTI time and time again for their new hires.

Thousands of our graduates hold career-related positions throughout the region. Many of them now are in hiring positions and return to their college to hire additional employees.

Key Dates in PTI's history

PTI first opens its doors in 1946 as the School of Management Engineering in downtown Pittsburgh. This is what has happened since.

  • 1960s The Drafting program, now Computer Aided Drafting, is introduced.
  • 1991 The Graphic Design program is introduced.
  • 1996 Penn Technical Institute joins PTI adding an electronics division.
  • 1998 The Boyd School joins PTI expanding offerings within the travel and hospitality fields.
  • 2000 PTI opens its North Fayette Campus in Oakdale, a suburb of Pittsburgh.
  • 2002 PTI earns regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • 2003 The Pennsylvania Department of Education authorizes PTI to award the associate in science degree.
  • 2003 PTI expands its evening offerings to include short-term certification preparation and degree programs designed specifically for the adult student.
  • 2009 PTI opens its first three residence halls and offers on-campus student housing at the North Fayette Campus and builds a 24/7 campus complete with around-the-clock security, an intramural sports director, and robust student activity and student development programming.
  • 2010 PTI offers its first fully online distance education program.
  • 2010 PTI opens its Nursing Simulation Center.
  • 2013 PTI establishes a new culinary school, The American Academy of Culinary Arts.
  • 2013 PTI opens the Energy Technology Center.


PTI is an equal opportunity employer, looking for individuals with an ability to contribute in meaningful ways to our commitment to diversity. PTI does not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry or place of birth, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, familial status, veteran status, age or use of a guide or support animal because of blindness, deafness or physical disability of any individual. Questions may be addressed here.