Infographic: Ham Cooking Recipes & Tips from the American Academy of Culinary Arts

With Easter fast approaching, families across America are lugging out their cookbooks to get ready for the big feast. To celebrate the end of Lent, most Americans are looking forward to a thick leg of ham as the centerpiece of the meal. PTI’s American Academy of Culinary Arts has put together useful ham cooking tips, ham preparation methods, and a tasty soup recipe to use up the leftovers to get its culinary arts students ready for the event.

Most grocery stores exclusively carry cured ham. It has a pink color and is already fully cooked. The ham may either be left whole or is prepared in a spiral cut to make removing steaks from the bone simpler. Often hams are prepared with a sweet glaze. Below are classic recipes for cooking whole ham, spiral cut ham, and a sweet, spicy glaze. Students in the culinary arts program learn these fundamental cooking techniques as part of their chef training. 

Fun Ham Facts and Cooking Tips

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AACA Announces Culinary Cookoff Winners

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