Cook-off Lite


'Cook-off Lite 2' took place on Saturday, February 22.
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Welcome to the kitchens of The American Academy of Culinary Arts at PTI and to the second in a series of cook off light competitions! Every month, we will post a video of our award winning Chef Director Norman P Hart or our award winning Chef instructor Chef Amanda Flesch explaining a bit about what to expect and how you can win a PTI scholarship with your culinary skill.

This month we will be working with chocolate making truffles.  You’ll have about a month to practice at home and then come into our kitchens on Saturday February 22 at 9:00 to make your truffles.  You will be judged by Chef Hart and Chef Amanda Flesch. This is a winner take all competition. The winner will take away a $1,000.00 scholarship to PTI.  We can accommodate 40 contestants, so the first 40 who submit their entrance information online will be notified.

You will need to bring your own truffle mix and chocolate. If you have a favorite mold, please bring that along with you. Chef Hart will have molds and scoops here for you.
You will be judged on how you temper your chocolate, your technique and the taste of your truffles. You may hand scoop or use a mold for your truffles.

Cook-off 1: The Holiday Cookie - Winner Announced!

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